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On Sunday morning, rescue workers used a bulldozer to remove rubble and extract trapped people, the correspondent said. He said the cause of the blast was "not yet clear". Idlib province - with an estimated two million people, including thousands of internally displaced from other parts of Syria - was part of a de-escalation deal signed by Iran, Russia and Turkey, which calls for the cessation of hostilities between rebels and government forces.

It was a question of five seconds", concert-goer Aitana Alonso told the newspaper. "It broke and we all fell in". I fell on people and people fell on me. In a tweet Rels B wished "strength" to the injured and told concerned relatvies or friends to contact the emergency help desk set up by festival organisers.

As Tsitsipas spoke with the umpire, only to be told there was nothing he could do, Nadal shouted over and insisted the point was replayed. Tsitsipas will jump from 27th to 15th in the world on Monday. "I got nervous and I missed it. I tried to find my solutions - but it was so hard ". Tsitsipas, who said he drew inspiration from Canadian Denis Shapovalov's deep run in this event previous year , pocketed $500,340.

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Sporting a redesigned armour set and packing a new arsenal of chunky guns with which to turn the denizens of hell to bloody lumps, you'll have another fraught battle on your hands. In the QuakeCon 2018 , the makers revealed the extensive gameplay of their game on stage and the audience were so excited seeing the new gameplay of Doom .

Players who are thinking about trolling other players in Fallout 76 may want to reconsider, as the game will implement a system that will punish griefers. But how does progression work in a world shared with other players, and what perks are available to choose from? If you're killed, you can seek revenge and get a double reward for taking the rival down.

FBI Fires Peter Strzok (Aug 14 , 2018)

Mr Strzok is the third high-profile FBI employee who had been involved in the Russian Federation and Clinton investigations to be fired since Mr Trump took office. In one exchange, Ms Page asks: Trump is "not ever going to become president, right?" Justice Department officials wrote Strzok's anti-Trump bias may have caused inaction following the discovery of Clinton emails on the laptop of disgraced Democrat New York Congressman Anthony Weiner in September 2016.

And Buffon has admitted the Serie A giants will be happier with Ronaldo in their ranks. "Parma? I wish... I hope I'll make it in time to play against Cristiano Ronaldo ". "I'd say he's settled in already in the best possible way". "Certainly he won't give Juventus the sorrows he's given us in recent years". "I know Real Madrid well and all that counts, even for Florentino Perez, is the club".

Contagion is also fueled by concern that fund managers who have lost heavily in Turkey or other emerging assets will look to sell more liquid parts of those portfolios to meet expected redemptions. "We do not anticipate a change in the ECB's monetary policy stance because of Turkish economic and political developments". "You (the United States) are trying to sacrifice our strategic relations on the sole basis of a priest", said Erdogan Sunday, warning furthermore that Turkey will ...

ET. There was optimism surrounding the move, with Oakland coach Jon Gruden lauding the quarterback back in his ESPN days. Eskin reported a Pittsburgh football looked " very deflated " and was "like a marshmallow". Eagles reporters better be on the lookout for rogue footballs during upcoming practices because on Sunday, the Eagles announced that they signed former second-round pick Christian Hackenberg .

According to the Alberta government, 233 global students studying in the province listed Saudi Arabia as their country of citizenship from 2016-2017, and that about 130 of those students are studying at the U of A, with 50 of them completing their medical residency.

President Trump has said he prefers to end the decades-old NAFTA pact in favor of inking separate, bi-lateral agreements with the U.S. neighbors. "Will tax cars if can't make a deal!" It's now been over two months since Trump levelled steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, and over a month since the federal government retaliated with counter-tariffs on American-made steel, aluminum, and other goods.

World No 1 Rafael Nadal has pulled out of this week's Cincinnati Masters. "It's been nearly 10 years (2010) since I last played in Toronto ", Nadal said of the event which comes to the city in even-number years as it trades with Montreal.

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