Army will give adequate response to ceasefire violations: Arun Jaitley

Army will give adequate response to ceasefire violations: Arun Jaitley

Mr. Jaitley held a meeting with senior army commanders at a forward post along the LoC in north Kashmir, and reviewed the security situation in the valley which has been witnessing spiralling violence.

During the meet, Jaitley was briefed on the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir at Badami Bagh Cantonment.

He said that the government would want the average Kashmir citizen irrespective of his politics to be on the Indian side of the debate.

"I visited the LoC, interacted with officials and jawans there".

Jaitley said it is clear that terrorism and militancy is aimed against the Indian state, its sovereignty and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. For those perpetuating violence from within, he said such people will be dealt with. The effect of their actions is that besides security personnel, local citizens are also losing their lives. However, as far as those who are killing people, we can't extend the same facilities to them. Our soldiers are fully confident they will not allow any infiltration in those areas.

"There are public sentiments in every Indian state and these sentiment will have to be addressed; but at the and of the day... when you take to violence and start killing security forces and your own people, you unleash a cycle that does not stop", the Defence Minister said. "They have to be treated as a serious insurgency problem and dealt with accordingly". On talks with separatists, he said, "Let the situation in the state become normal, the central government will make an announcement". Mentioning that separatists are being funded from across the border, he had said, "It was known they (separatists) were being funded from across the border. You can't have the energies of the state involved in just in combating violence at various places", he said.

He said the expose is a confession by these people and he is sure the agencies concerned will take necessary action.

He also said that investigation is on into the incident of the army allegedly tying a man to the front of a jeep as a human shield, but went on to add that the Army was interested in saving the lives of both the people who had come to vote and a large crowd of protesters.

To another question about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the Union Minister said: "Our priority is to bring development to Jammu and Kashmir".