Boy, 8, beaten unconscious days before days before killing himself

Boy, 8, beaten unconscious days before days before killing himself

A handful of parents and others were demonstrating outside the elementary school attended by an 8-year-old OH boy who killed himself days after he was knocked unconscious.

Reynolds' attorneys say she didn't learn her son, Gabriel Taye, was bullied until they saw an email written by a Cincinnati police detective that describes the scene outside a boys' bathroom where the attorneys say Gabriel was knocked unconscious.

In the grainy 24-minute video, taken at the entrance of a bathroom at Carson Elementary School, third-grader Gabriel Taye appears to be approaching a larger boy, who just pushed another boy, and extending his hand seemingly for a shake when the larger boy grabs his arm and pushes him into a wall, causing Gabriel to collapse and faint.

A school spokesperson has since told the Associated Press that Gabriel did not tell school officials he was bullied, and that they were not aware of the video recording until after his suicide. Other students stepped over the boy while others poked him with their feet as he lay unconscious for 7 minutes before an assistant principal and then a school nurse came to his aid, Leader said.

School officials denied this course of events as they already did telling the boy's mother that he just fainted.

Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco, the Hamilton County, Ohio, coroner, announced her decision Thursday on a radio program and later told The Cincinnati Enquirer, "We will review all the new info including the video when it's provided". Also, the Cincinnati school district has...

The children's faces are blurred and it's hard to see exactly what happened, but the video appears to show a boy hitting another boy and do something to a third boy that left him on the ground for several minutes.

An attorney representing the parent of an 8-year-old child in OH, who killed himself back in January, has leveled an accusation that his school didn't tell his mother about an assault he suffered in one of their bathrooms just two days before he took his life.

Gabriel's death was the first youth suicide in 2017 in Hamilton County, where Cincinnati is the largest city.

Gabe Taye took his own life in January, two days after he was beaten in a school bathroom. Cincinnati Public Schools initially refused to release the video but on Thursday agreed to make it public after the video is edited to blur the identities of the children.

His mother said through her lawyer, Jennifer Branch, that no one at Carson told her about the assault when she collected Gabriel that day. "The article also portrays other students in the video as 'aggressors.' Video evidence does not support this characterization", school officials said. The boy was heavily beaten and then left on the floor unconscious and there was nobody in the whole school to help him.

The district said administrators asked Cornelia Reynolds, Gabriel's mother, to pick him up from school and take him to a hospital.

"She doesn't even want to go to school anymore, and she always liked school", Amy Henson said. Gabriel killed himself at home two days later.

"On the eve of Mother's Day, it is unfortunate that CPS chose to blame Gabe's mother for not taking him to the hospital after he was injured at school", Branch said.

"What we are investigating is grounds to file a lawsuit and looking to see if the school district did anything to contribute to his death", Branch said. Gabriel didn't go to school the following day, but went back January 26. Reynolds attorney states that the mother made the decision to pick up Gabriel and took him to the hospital as a precaution after her sister, who was babysitting Gabriel so she could work, called her and stated that Gabriel was throwing up and complaining of stomach pains. One of them, Kathryn Lundy, said she pulled her two children from the school two years ago because of bullying.

Leader, the family's other attorney, said Gabriel had no history of mental health issues and described him as a happy-go-lucky kid.