GOP Health Plan Cuts Coverage for Poor Kids in Florida

GOP Health Plan Cuts Coverage for Poor Kids in Florida

"You do have to kind of pick and choose between multiple vulnerable groups", she said. "But it all comes down to budgetary concerns and how it's going to be written".

The Congressional Budget Office has not yet released its review of the current bill, but under the previous GOP health plan, it estimated that 24 million Americans would lose coverage.

S.B. 562 needs a two-thirds majority to pass in the state legislature, which is why we must build momentum now.

Medicaid spending caps as proposed under the AHCA would eliminate open-ended federal funding, which now guarantees payment of 61 percent of Florida's program costs.

Senate negotiators, meeting stiff resistance to the House's plans to cut the scope and reach of Medicaid, are discussing a compromise that would maintain the program's expansion under the Affordable Care Act but still subject that larger version of Medicaid to new spending limits.

"It is very possible that a Republican might see it in their interest, frankly, to swing over and support it", he states.

- Medicaid expansion would be phased out. If coverage were interrupted for more than 63 days, insurers would be able to charge a 30% penalty for a year.

"A core commitment of mine throughout this process was to ensure those with pre-existing conditions are protected". He said that Obamacare creates rising health insurance premiums and deductibles and produces only a limited choice of insurers. However, the House bill does not require states to set up an alternate source of coverage for people who face higher premiums based on their health.

Several insurance companies, however, have said the uncertainty caused by Republican efforts to repeal the law have led them to either pull out of the markets or raise their rates for next year. And they, barely, if at all, had time to even read the bill since they received it only the night before the vote. Where Obamacare made sure that insurance companies couldn't charge individuals more for pre-existing conditions or based on their gender, the AHCA will not have that same protection.

Their medical bills were paid through a state nonprofit entity funded by the insurance premiums paid by consumers within the high-risk pool and a $4-a-month surcharge on all policyholders in the state. Our mortality rates are higher than in all other industrialized countries.

But the program was better funded that what the federal bill would give states, said those interviewed.