Monday is D-Day if you want to vote in the General Election

Monday is D-Day if you want to vote in the General Election

There are just three days left to ensure you have a say in the General Election.

Voter registration for the General Election closes on May 22 Who can register to vote?

How does voting work in this election?

You will need your National Insurance number and, if you're a British citizen living overseas, your passport as well.

Across Redbridge, there has been a big surge in interest as the Electoral Register shows the number of people registered to vote has increased by almost 6 percent.

On June 8, millions of people will go to the polls to decide which political party should lead the UK. Make sure you return them before this date in the envelopes that are provided.

For those applying for a postal vote the deadline is 5pm on Tuesday, May 23 and for others who plan on voting by proxy - to get someone else to vote for you - the deadline to register is 5pm on Wednesday, May 31. "We don't want anyone to miss out on this opportunity". Emma Hartley, Head of Campaigns at the Electoral Commission, said: "Our research indicates that recent home movers in particular are less likely to be registered to vote". Often people think that applying to pay council tax means you are added to the electoral register too, but that is not the case.

If you want to have your say on June 8, you must be over 18, be British, Irish or a qualifying commonwealth citizen and either be a United Kingdom resident in the United Kingdom or a Brit living overseas who has been registered to vote within the last 15 years.