Navy Medicine East stresses pursuit of mental health a sign of strength

Navy Medicine East stresses pursuit of mental health a sign of strength

May is Mental Health Month - started 68 years ago by Mental Health America (MHA), to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of good mental health for everyone.

Global nutrition firm MSC Nutrition has announced its partnership with online magazine Mantality as discussions taking place around mental health issues across a range of disciplines continue to grow. With the hope of becoming as common as CPR and First Aid training, Mental Health First Aid has successfully trained over 1 million people with more to come in the future.

They dropped off 75 pounds worth of books on Wednesday morning at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, during a children's book drive, and month-long campaign "designed to foster conversations about mental health care, reducing stigma and breaking down barriers for individuals to seek support".

Wilson said disorders such as clinical depression, anxiety or ADHD are now widely accepted in the mainstream and perhaps even diagnosed too easily and medicated too aggressively. "Often it's relatively small adjustments, such as flexible working or counselling, that are needed to make a big difference to people managing mental health issues at work". "I think it's not blame in the way that it used to be". It's not like most people who are psychotic are possessed by the devil or immoral or something like that.

Hudspeth said one factor is that some conditions are relatively easy to treat, while others are more complicated and more often lead to patients behaving in ways that seem odd to others.

Mental illness is a condition that can affect a person's thinking, feeling or mood, and it can be very hard to diagnose. "Along with that comes a lot of stigma".

Teams and individuals can choose from two separate events: the traditional walk to raise awareness within the community about mental illness, or a 5K colored fun walk/run in which participants travel through nontoxic powder meant to leave them "colorful and happy".

"I think we need to spend more time looking at the prevention side of things instead of catching it halfway down the road", Hudspeth said. "You see very few people following prevention models".

That is why this year's Mental Health Month theme for May is "Risky Business". She said sometimes children are crying out for help and we don't recognize it.

There is, of course, always room for improvement. "There's a realization that everyone is fighting a different battle and you can't fight it for someone else but you can try to understand", she says. "That's so important that people see that there are actually people who can live a life with these issues".