Trump heads overseas, turmoil in his wake

Trump heads overseas, turmoil in his wake

At the same time, congressional committees are continuing their own investigations, leading to some turf warfare and sniping as the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee both sought to lay claim to testimony from Comey, while the House Oversight Committee also hoped to hear from the former director.

An anonymous source told the Post that Rosenstein was upset at the White House for initially saying his memo was the reason Comey was sacked, and threatened to resign if that narrative was not changed.

Comey's performance at a May 3 congressional hearing also played a role in his dismissal, Trump said.

Trump has treated the Russian Federation investigation as a public relations battle pitting him against his many enemies. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said he thought it was in nobody's interest to impede Mueller's investigation.

As special counsel, Mueller will direct an FBI counterintelligence investigation examining whether Russian Federation coordinated with Trump campaign associates to influence the election in his behalf. By Thursday morning, his response was a little less so.

He did not offer any evidence of such acts in his reference to former Democratic President Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" said Trump on his Twitter account.

Trump has aired such grievances publicly on a almost weekly basis, arguing that he is being treated unfairly by the news media and by his Democratic opponents. "This is a truth hunt", said Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar.

USA intelligence suspect that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated a sweeping campaign to tilt last November´s vote in the Republican´s favor.

But it's also worth wondering whether the stock market has another positive going for it - the prospect that the nation's straight-laced vice president, Mike Pence, could take over for Donald Trump.

Trump, combative and complaining, fell short Thursday in trying to resolve investigations into his campaign and his first four months in office.

Shortly after Mueller was assigned to lead the Russian Federation probe on Wednesday, the president said it would prove that his campaign did not collude with any foreign entity, adding that he looked forward to this matter concluding quickly.

"I think there is, first of all, concern about the damage that was specifically done to Israeli assets as a result of this leak", Chemi Shalev, a columnist for the Israeli paper Haaretz, said in NPR's Up First podcast Wednesday, "secondly, concern about the safety of information that is moved to the United States and angry, then, at the fact that this relationship would be put in such jeopardy".

Rosenstein was returning to the Capitol on Friday for another closed-door session, this time with all members of the House. One of the attendees, speaking on condition of anonymity, described Rosenstein as anxious and nervous and said he drank multiple glasses "and spilled one". Afterward, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters that "everything he said was that you need to treat this investigation as if it may be a criminal investigation".

Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin echoed McCaskill, saying Rosenstein told lawmakers that he knew of Trump's intent the day before he wrote a document that the White House initially said was the main reason Comey was dismissed.

One big historical difference in terms of the appointment of this special prosecutor is that it is coming so early in the Trump presidency.

Mr Trump clearly knew what he wanted to say as he took a few questions at a news briefing with visiting Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. It cited two people briefed on the call.

The White House initially said last week that a letter Rosenstein wrote accusing Comey of missteps as Federal Bureau of Investigation director, including his handling of an election-year probe into Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, was what prompted Trump to fire Comey. I have confidence that he will conduct a fair and thorough investigation.

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