YouTube mobile streaming now open to all

YouTube mobile streaming now open to all

A report from AndroidPolice revealed that YouTube is now rolling it out to all the users without the subscription requirements. Still, it's better late than never that YouTube "creators" lacking established fan bases of 10K or 1K subscribers are offered the possibility to become online celebrities of their own with free mobile live streaming.

YouTube isn't only making its mobile live streams more accessible; it is also giving creators new ways to monetize them. Previously, the condition for YouTubers to go live was 10,000 subscribers.

A user still needs to have a verified channel with no prior live stream restrictions, such as any potential violations that might have resulted in a temporary ban or restriction going back to the last 90 days, in order to qualify for the on-the-go service. YouTube is testing it out for a small number of users, but the official requirement is still 1,000 subscribers.

The YouTube Live Streaming feature is now available to all uses of the YouTube app and you no longer have to have a certain amount of subscribers to use it. The site also noted that users will need to have a verified account with YouTube to gain access to the feature.

While livestreaming is an exciting step for YouTube users who want to reach their audience in real time, the platform is just now catching up to popular options like Twitter's Periscope or Facebook Live, which have been around for years.

Good luck, and happy livestreaming. This means that the feature, which was introduced in early April, is now available to almost all registered users.