CWA members strike at Cheektowaga AT&T Store

CWA members strike at Cheektowaga AT&T Store

The walkout would mark the first time AT&T Mobility workers go on strike, potentially disrupting a large number of retail stores across the country this weekend.

Cheektowaga Chronicle observed a handful of employees inside the AT&T store at 4900 Transit Road walk off the job to join over two dozen other striking CWA members outside. Our message is clear: fair contract or strike.

More than a dozen employees began their protest at 3 p.m. outside the AT&T wireless store at 1501 Walnut Center City.

Local workers joined about 40,000 other union members nationwide for a three-day strike beginning at noon Friday. AT&T said the stoppage is slated to end at midnight Sunday.

Locally, the strike only affects company-owned retail locations in IL, according to Katie Nagus, director of corporate communications based here in St. Louis.

The press release states that the AT&T employees will return to work on Monday, but have "vowed to do what they have to do if AT&T violates their rights or an open-ended strike becomes necessary".

In April past year, 40,000 Verizon workers went on strike.

"AT&T doesn't want to bargain with us, so we're taking a stand".

Frustrated over the lack of progress in contract talks, more than 17,000 AT&T union members in California and Nevada walked off their jobs on Friday. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO fully supports the actions of CWA members demanding fair wages, affordable benefits and job security.

Dealing with the strike and its effects on the labor market would fall on the shoulders'of Alexander Acosta, who was confirmed as the USA labor secretary less than a month ago. Highlighted in a new report produced by the CWA called "Offshoring Customer Service: How AT&T Lowers Standards for Workers and Consumers through its Global Race to the Bottom", the union claims the company has shed more than 12,000 in-house call center jobs since 2011.

But AT&T is under pressure from Wall Street to cut costs after its recent acquisition of Time Warner Cable for a whopping $85 billion-it also took on huge amounts of that company's debt. The settlement earlier this spring with AT&T South will bring back 3,000 unionized call-center jobs.

Verizon workers went on strike twice while President Obama was in office, once previous year and for two weeks in August 2011.