EC demonstrates successful functioning of EVMs, VVPATs

EC demonstrates successful functioning of EVMs, VVPATs

The ECI also convened an all-party meeting over the issue of EVM and other electoral reforms.

He said there is no chip or data stored in the machines that can be tampered with by any external devices and facilities such as mobile phone, bluetooth and external wireless, wi-fi and internet connection. It is between the election commission and the parties who are crying foul needlessly.

The Aam Aadmi Party or AAP is leading the high-pitched allegation by the opposition parties that the electronic voting machines or EVMs being used now were tampered with in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election to ensure that the BJP won with a high margin in the state.

He had also said that parties can try and prove that EVMs can be tampered with even under strict technical and administrative safeguards as applicable during elections.

The machine prints out a paper slip that displays information about which party/candidate a vote was for.

Opposition parties have been demanding that the Election Commission return to the paper ballot system for a more transparent voting mechanism.

Referring to the accusations of EVM tampering made by Aam Aadmi Party without naming the party, Zaidi said, the Commission believes in total transparency and has nothing to hide from the stakeholders.

In its communication to the presidents of all the seven national and 48 state political parties, the poll panel sent a status paper on EVMs and VVPAT.

However, the poll body has maintained that EVMs are tamper-proof and can not be manipulated.

Besides EVMs, the meeting is expected to deliberate on making bribery in elections a cognisable offence, disqualification on framing of charges for the offences of bribery in elections and suggestions in VVPAT recount Rules.

Today's live demo comes amid allegations raised by the Opposition that the EC's EVMs are vulnerable to hacking and tampering. It said the use of paper trail machines with all EVMs in future elections was fine.

Before the press conference, to be addressed by chief election commissioner Nasim Zaidi, the EC also plans a demonstration of EVMs and VVPATs by engineers from Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Corporation of India Ltd, the two PSU suppliers of the machines, for "awareness of media regarding their functionality", an EC spokesperson said on Friday.