Google Assistant Is Bringing AI To Your Coffee Table And Your iPhone

Google Assistant Is Bringing AI To Your Coffee Table And Your iPhone

Name aside, Google did give us a rough idea of what the new OS will bring to the table earlier this year but it looks like there were more than Google were hiding from us. Given the fact that the beta version of this has been made available, Google is still calling this as Android O Developers Preview 2. After seeing that experiment tank, the current VP Sameer Samant took up a new project to distribute better a Android operating system for lower-end smartphones in countries such as India and Brazil.

Google will also tune the Android apps to consume less space on the phone, use minimal mobile data, and use less RAM.

Android Instant Apps, is an option which allows users to utilise functions of an app without the need to fully install it on your device and it was certainly a surprising yet welcome feature - when it finally rolled out.

Notification Dots are iOS-esque features, which put a dot next to the app icons, showcasing that there are unread notifications in the app. Google Assistant for iPhone is available as a free app on App Store, and setting it up is as easy as installing any other app like Instagram or Facebook. Also, Google hasn't revealed the exact timing of the devices or the partners with whom it will be working.

Under the hood, Android O aims to make your phone startup quicker and your apps faster, with added optimizations for developers to help prevent your battery from draining.

When will Android Go launch?

Android Pay is available in 10 markets, and will soon add Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain and Taiwan, says Google. Android Go users will still have access to the entire app catalog in the Play Store. Merchants can also get paid through Assistant this way - in Google's demo at I/O they ordered delivery from Panera using the Assistant.

Android Pay may have Samsung Pay and Apple Pay as its closest rivals but Google's own mobile payment service has an edge over those two.

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