Jeremy Corbyn says Labour's 'message is getting through' to voters

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour's 'message is getting through' to voters

A spokesman for the Labour leader said MI5 kept files on "many peace and labour movement campaigners" at the time. Can't we as a society, as a country, as a people do things differently and better?

Mr Corbyn claimed the Tories were taking the "grey vote" for granted and had decided not to do more for the young due to their comparatively low turnout levels.

The seemingly positive response to numerous Labour party's proposed domestic policies is in stark contrast to the mounting criticism of Theresa May's proposed overhaul of social care funding.

The tag has been used in the past week to show the support of grime stars such as JME and Stormzy for the Labour leader.

Mrs May has insisted she is committed to protecting the dignity of Britain's elderly as her plans to cut pensioner benefits and overhaul social care funding came under fire. The findings set the scene for potentially explosive internecine battles if Mr Corbyn stays on.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the plan, which he called a "tax on dementia", was a "very, very bad idea" because costs spanning a large number of years can be "enormous" compared to the average house price of up to £300,000.

"Labour shouldn't get too carried away by the rise they see in the polls", Gideon Skinner, head of political polling at Ipsos MORI, told the Evening Standard.

According to an IPSOS Mori poll, published by the Evening Standard, Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party are at 49 percent, while the Labour Party has gained eight points, growing to 34 percent, its highest poll rating so far in its campaign.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell also addressed the crowd, urging the young to "turn this election into a young person's election and turn out and vote" and calling on the old to "show your anger" at the Tory proposals by voting Labour on 8 June.

Frank Field, a Labour party veteran and, up until parliament's dissolution, chair of the parliament's work and pensions committee, told POLITICO last week that in the event of a heavy defeat on June 8, MPs should be prepared to "remake" the party.