North Korea fires ballistic missile

North Korea fires ballistic missile

North Korea on Sunday launched an unidentified projectile, just a week after Pyongyang carried out its most successful ballistic missile test, South Korean military has confirmed.

"Many more "Juche weapons" capable of striking the U.S. will be launched from this land".

"The ongoing testing is disappointing, disturbing and we ask that they cease that", Tillerson said on Sunday in an interview with "Fox News Sunday".

President Moon Jae-in convened a National Security Council meeting to discuss North Korea's missile launch, officials said.

A picture released by North Korea last month which shows ballistic missiles on display during a military parade.

On May 14, North Korea successfully launched what was believed to be a new type of missile that flew for about 700 kilometers before plunging into the Sea of Japan close to Russian Federation. It was the first test by Pyongyang since President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

The North says it needs missiles and nuclear weapons to deter any attack by the United States.

"We are aware that North Korea launched an MRBM", the official said.

The missile was launched Sunday at about 4:59 a.m. Seoul time from a site in the vicinity of Puckchang county, which is home to North Korea's largest power plant.

"The repeated provocation is a reckless and irresponsible behavior, like pouring cold water on the wishes of our new government and the global community for denuclearization and peace to prevail in the Korean Peninsula", said a statement from South Korea's Foreign Ministry.

"I think the team to develop liquid fuel missiles are being pitted against the solid fuel team", Kim said.

North Korea fired a ballistic missile into waters off its east coast today, which flew about 500 km (310 miles), South Korea and Japan said, a week after it tested an intermediate-range missile which experts saw as an advancement in the reclusive state's weapons programme.

"If you are a country that is supplying or supporting North Korea, we will call you out on it", Haley said. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the missile landed outside Japan's exclusive economic zone and no damage to ships or airplanes was reported.