Apple CEO to MIT grads: Tech without values is worthless

Apple CEO to MIT grads: Tech without values is worthless

The company was even dragged to court past year by the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the privacy issue.

The new iPhone, due later this year, is expected to have several new AR features, while people familiar with the situation have told Bloomberg that the Apple is weighing an expansion into digital glasses that may use AR.

Cook added that while he could not give further details, Apple provided the information promptly once the lawful process is followed.

"We have been co-operating with the UK Government not only in law enforcement kind of matters but on some of the attacks", he said.

United Kingdom has been a victim of the growing terror attacks in Europe, which has also targeted France and other countries. Five people were killed in a vehicle and knife attack on London's Westminster Bridge in March.

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Apple CEO to MIT grads: Tech without values is worthless

Cook did not specify which attacks required Apple's assistance.

In the wake of recent terror attacks at London Bridge in the UK, Apple has just revealed that their technology is doing the same to help the UK government.

Cook said Apple wants to make products that help people. The iPhone maker says that encryption works differently but even then it contains important information thanks to the presence of metadata.

This means the actual content of the messages cannot be shared, but the context of those messages can - including when a message was sent, from where, and to who. We have asked Apple to confirm that its CEO will take time out of deciding whether or not hardware needs an "i" in its title, and go and see if he can assist with Trump's modernisation plans.

Cook's interview with Bloomberg was focused on discussing affairs related to politics and government, where the topic of Donald Trump's decision of removing USA out of the Paris climate accord was also discussed.

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  • Family of London Bridge attacker 'shocked' by his actions

    Family of London Bridge attacker 'shocked' by his actions

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