Macron offers Britain's May support in fight against terrorism

Macron offers Britain's May support in fight against terrorism

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron's news-making handshake.

Macron subsequently told the Journal du Dimanche in an interview published Sunday that it was "a moment of truth". Macron said he warned the US President against taking a "hurried decision" regarding the Paris climate change agreement, which Trump has threatened to pull out of.

"I reminded him of the importance these agreements have for us", Macron said, adding that the pact was also important for job creation and economic development. Video obtained by the Huffington Post shows that Macron appears to walk straight towards Trump as the two groups begin to converge, but Macron quickly swerves to greet German Chancellor Angela Merkel first instead.

The awkwardness may stem from Trump's tacit support of Macron's rival Marine Le Pen during the French election.

The two leaders gripped each other's hands so tightly their knuckles started turning white and their jaws seemed to clench in front of the media last week in Brussels before a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

He went on to compare Trump to Russian and Turkey Presidents.

But Macron, who became France's youngest president just three weeks ago, said he does not believe in "the diplomacy of public invective but in bilateral dialogue".

Whether shoving aside Montenegro's PM or having handshake wars with France's new leader, Trump created chaos at what was meant to be a diplomatic showpiece. As you can see in the photo from CNN, the two had worked their way up to that facial grimace and serious eye-stare by the time this photo was taken.

A delightful report from the White House pool reporter Philip Rucker described a handshake "with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning white and their jaws clenching and faces tightening". Ultimately, Macron shook Trump's hand with enough force that Trump tried to uncle out of it, loosening this fingers.

"That was an exaggeration", Mr Trump said moments later.

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