EU backs Kuwaiti efforts to end Gulf crisis

EU backs Kuwaiti efforts to end Gulf crisis

Qatar will not cut pipeline gas supplies to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) despite the diplomatic dispute between the two nations, Qatar Petroleum CEO Saad Sherida al-Kaabi told Al Jazeera newsagency in the exporter's capital, Doha. Egypt emphasized that today in a meeting with the crown price of Abu Dhabi, claiming that the support for terror in the region involves providing them "media cover". Qatar denies the accusations.

"It is clear that the actions of the blockading nations have little to do with addressing legitimate grievances and everything to do with attacking Qatar's image and reputation", he said. "We have been talking to them since the crisis started", he said.

According to the minister, any issue not related to the interests shared by the countries comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council are considered by Qatar to be internal matters and, therefore, not subject to negotiation.

"We do not want to escalate, we want to isolate", state minister for foreign affairs Anwar Gargash told journalists during a visit to Paris.

The majority of flights from Qatar to North Africa and southern Europe used to pass through Saudi and Egyptian airspace but are now forced to pass through Iranian airspace first then onto Iraq, Jordan and North Africa.

Gargash, who was in Paris as part of efforts to lobby European allies to put pressure on Doha, said he believed that when Qatar did back down, there would be a need to monitor its activities in the region, something Western powers could undertake.

Earlier this month, Ankara fast-tracked a separate agreement to allow troops to be deployed at Turkey's military base in Qatar.

For Margolis the Saudi-Qatari diplomatic crisis was another example of a United States leader, with only comic book knowledge of the region, mucking things up royally.

Sheikh Mohammed's demand came as a UAE state minister warned Qatar's diplomatic isolation could "last years". "It remains business as usual, and we intend to keep it that way", its chief executive Yousef al-Jaida said.

Last week, a number of states bordering on Qatar broke off diplomatic relations, closed their airspace and borders, and expelled Qatari citizens.

Al Baker also said the CSeries jet by Bombardier could fit for the domestic Indian carrier.