Paul George committed to playing for Pacers in 2017-18

Paul George committed to playing for Pacers in 2017-18

That didn't happen, and George doesn't have to worry about leaving $70 million plus on the table by leaving the Pacers. It's probably a safe conjecture to make that Magic Johnson won't want to give up many assets to get the All-Star forward - even more so than any other team on the market for George.'s David Aldridge revealed in his Monday Morning Tip that the Washington Wizards are trying to find a way to acquire NBA superstar Paul George in a trade.

One source familiar with the talks said a deal could potentially involve multiple players from both sides.

Sure, Magic might be very much interested on somebody like George and since the team is now on a rebuilding stage the superstar joining the team is certainly more than welcome.

Outside of Aldridge, picks and maybe Dejounte Murray could be involved in a trade. Former number 2 overall picks D'Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram would most likely be included in the deal.

A return of Clarkson and Randle may not be enough of a return to whet the appetite of the Pacers. According to Ric Bucher, the Pacers thought they could get some leverage by putting the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers in a bidding war against each other. George, a Palmdale, California native, is under contract through the 2017-18 season and has a player option for 2018 that he will decline. When Paul George's contract is up next spring, he's planning on moving out west.

Additionally, trade value is another concern for Los Angeles. Knowing that's where George wants to go, they will have the Lakers at a disadvantage when they could ship him off to the Cavs for Kevin Love and a second round pick out of spite. He can sign a five-year extension with the Pacers for $177 million or sign with the Lakers next summer for four years and $130 million. It put the Pacers in a bind. Now he may wind up somewhere else before he lands with the team he prefers - the Los Angeles Lakers.

One source described the Cavs' interest in George as "legit", but added that pulling off a deal could be "very complicated". Are the Lakers going to grab George sooner or later?

Notably, the Boston Celtics engaged in talks about George before this year's trade deadline, and it's likely that the inquiry will come up again. Will the Indiana Pacers comply?