WhatsApp's new features aimed to improve user experience

WhatsApp's new features aimed to improve user experience

WhatsApp for iOS has gotten hold of a brand new feature which helps people capture better photos in the dark. Without further ado, we provide details on these features from here. The final version of the app will have to wait for some more time to get all these features. Last year, WhatsApp introduced new strong, italic and strikethrough textual styles alongside fixedsys monospace text style too. Now, you will just need to long press the text that you want to modify the font and just convert it to italics, bold or underscore.

The chatting platform has made it easier for users to find emojis and apply text fonts. The application is now evidently utilising Android M's customisable drifting content toolbar that enables clients to change the textual style by just choosing the content and picking one from the toolbar.

Both of these features are live in the latest WhatsApp beta version. This emoji feature will use for the users to communicate quickly with the application via emoji. In other words, when you go to the emoji keyword, you will notice a search option at the bottom.

Given the ease of finding the flawless emojis to use in a conversation, you'll probably find yourself using new emojis rather than sticking to the usual that are easy to find.

Night Mode basically acts as an alternative to flash. WhatApp is a chatting platform, and it used to work on improving the features in the chatting platform. The app gets regular updates with new features added frequently per user convenience and demand. If you do not have these features, you can download the recent beta version to enjoy the benefits.