Durant to sign 2-year deal to stay with Golden State Warriors

Durant to sign 2-year deal to stay with Golden State Warriors

To be clear, Durant agreeing to go back for less than the max does not actually free up cap room for the Warriors, even if it does, in theory, tie to re-signing super role players Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

Kevin Durant is prepared to remove any lingering doubt about his selflessness, about his motives for joining the Warriors, about his competitive priorities. If Durant demanded his maximum contract, the Warriors would lose Draymond Green or Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry would not be able to secure his $201 million five-year deal, Sports Illustrated noted.

Specifically, Durant had to accept a deal starting within 120% of his previous season's salary ($26.5 million) to qualify for a non-Bird cap exception.

The 2017 NBA Finals MVP will be taking somewhere in the vicinity of a $9 million pay cut, being that he could have secured a max of $34 million.

Durant is expected to sign a two-year, $53 million contract, a source confirmed. He could have made a ton more money before previous year but chose to take less in order to join Golden State.

The Warriors just kept winning, and their championship said it all. However, he showed just how vital he is to the team's success down the stretch run of the regular season with Kevin Durant out.

And Durant stands ready to assist the Warriors in their quest to fill the final four spots on the roster. He made $3.7 million last season. Durant may have burned some bridges when he left Oklahoma City, but it would appear he's trying to build some in Oakland.

Durant made a choice to not get in the way of that.

Durant's return to the Bay Area isn't a surprise, however the price is. I didn't follow the draft that much that year but for somebody that has so much potential and hype around him, to actually see it to fruition, with that kind of pressure, that kind of spotlight, and nearly exceed expectations throughout his career, that's a mark of a guy that wasn't complacent with where he was at any point, always wanted to get better.