'Game of Thrones' Exhibit Will Transport Fans To The Seven Kingdoms

'Game of Thrones' Exhibit Will Transport Fans To The Seven Kingdoms

Headey revealed that during her first season filming the hit HBO series, she was suffering from undiagnosed postpartum depression. Season 7 is launching months later in its respective year than every previous Game of Thrones season has, making its debut on HBO and its streaming platforms on Sunday, July 16.

'My voice was very quickly ignored and my opinions were very much not wanted, ' Headey remarked about her time on the show. Now, there's word of another place to experience Game of Thrones in the real world. The exhibition won't just be a collection of Game of Thrones' iconic costumes and props-though there will be plenty of those on-hand-but also what it's calling a "10,000-square-foot interactive experience".

Starting this fall, HBO and Game of Thrones are teaming up with GES Events to launch a global Game of Thrones exhibition tour that will allow fans to see numerous costumes and sets from the show's past seven seasons up-close.

The exhibition is presented by HBO in partnership with global events provider GES and includes pieces from the upcoming seventh season of the show. The exhibit will span the Seven Kingdoms "from King's Landing to the land Beyond the Wall and across the Narrow Sea".

The tour kicks off in Europe, but dates and cities are still TBA.

With Martin still toiling away on the latest book in the series, the show has sped past where the novels left off, leaving all fans-book readers and show watchers alike-completely in the dark about where the story will go.

"The innovative storytelling of Game of Thrones has been a cultural touchpoint since its premiere", he says.