Best Buy takes a hit after Amazon reveals its own 'Geek Squad'

Best Buy takes a hit after Amazon reveals its own 'Geek Squad'

Through the Geek Squad-like program, Amazon employees can also be scheduled to make home appointments for Alexa consultations or perform installation and setup for smart home products like lights and thermostats. Not one to be left on the sidelines, Amazon is getting into the installation and education business when it comes to their own connected home devices, setting up a house-call showdown of sorts between the e-commerce giant and the brick-and-mortar electronics retailer.

That barrier appears ready to be broken down.

Amazon is taking the next step to get its voice-activated digital assistant Alexa into homes across the US: It's offering customers smart home consultations and installation services with Amazon experts. The service has already been rolled out to seven markets. But new job postings on Amazon's corporate website point to a more-national rollout in the coming months.

On the job listings, Amazon describes core responsibilities that include things like traveling to customers' home for set up and troubleshooting, advising customers on products that meet their needs, and completing product reviews via blog posts and videos. For example, Amazon previously had the Mayday button, which virtually paged an Amazon agent who could provide customer or technical assistance, on its Fire tablets.

They have been handpicked for their technology experience, passion for customer service, and strong track record.

Who doesn't want a "technology-savvy best friend?" With the increasing popularity of smart home devices, Amazon sees this as important. Best Buy recently announced that 700 of its stores will be offering Alexa and Google Home demos and tutorials.

Amazon wants to literally set up your smart home. And with Best Buy's well-known Geek Squad already demonstrating that the market for the service exists, it made too much sense for Amazon to ignore the opportunity, especially since such as service will help meet multiple company objectives, namely making Amazon's Echo voice-controlled device the center of the home. The company previous year rebranded the program as Home Services.

Amazon has discovered that smart home devices (and their integration into single coherent smart home environment) can't just be tossed into the marketplace with the expectation that they will be widely adopted.