Islamist extremism is being funded by thousands of individuals in the UK

Islamist extremism is being funded by thousands of individuals in the UK

In a written statement Amber Rudd, the Secretary of State for the Home Office, said: "Having taken advice, I have decided against publishing the classified report produced during the review in full".

The government would also be "directly raising issues of concern, supported by evidence, with specific countries as part of our wider global engagement on countering extremism and violent extremism", it added.

She released a summary Wednesday of findings of the review, commissioned in 2015 by then-Prime Minister David Cameron.

But, according to Rudd, it says most income for extremist comes from "small, anonymous public donations", with some groups receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds (dollars) a year.

It found that for a small number of organisations with which there are extremism concerns, overseas funding is a "significant source of income". Overseas support also provides "highly socially conservative literature and preachers" to the UK's Islamic institutions and some of these individuals have since become of extremist concern.

The decision by the government not to publish the full findings of the Home Office's internal review into the nature, scale and origin of the funding of Islamist extremist activity in the United Kingdom, including any overseas sources has been slammed by opposition parties.

However, the summary did not name the countries of origin for such funding or mention Saudi Arabia or any other nations.

But Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said the public had a right to know who was funding extremism.

But the summary does not single out any countries as sources of funding, and Mrs Rudd has refused to release the full report for "national security" reasons - sparking accusations that the government is trying to avoid criticising Saudi Arabia.

"There is a strong suspicion this report is being suppressed to protect this Government's trade and diplomatic priorities, including in relation to Saudi Arabia", she said.

Green MP Caroline Lucas said: 'Govt refuse to publish review into funding of extremism + try to fob us off with vague statement.

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said last week that the Conservatives had made a promise to publish the report by spring 2016, as part of a deal made with his party when they shared power in the coalition government, before the Conservatives won a majority in 2015.

She said the document could put national security at risk and contained too much personal information.

"Instead of supporting the perpetrators of these vile ideologies, the government should be naming and shaming them - including so-called allies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar if need be".

"It seems like the government, yet again, is putting our so called friendship with Saudi Arabia above our values".

But it also confirmed that a small minority did get significant funds from overseas.

The Government will also work with the Charity Commission to address the abuse of charities for terrorist or extremist purposes.

"A comprehensive approach focused particularly on domestic sources of support for all forms of extremism is needed".