AirBnB Host Fined $5000 For Racially Discriminating Asian Renter

AirBnB Host Fined $5000 For Racially Discriminating Asian Renter

The host, Tami Barker suddenly cancelled Suh's reservation telling the 25-year-old law student 'I wouldn't rent to you if you were the last person on Earth'.

After driving several hours through inclement weather conditions, Suh texted Baker to let her know they were almost there and to confirm the cost.

"I hope that more victims of discrimination will feel encouraged to come forward with their own stories, empowered now with the knowledge that government entities such as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and other civil rights organizations will take our cases seriously and fight vigorously for us", she said. "I beg for people to think about if such discrimination can happen to a light-skinned cis East Asian woman who is in law school, middle class, in a heterosexual relationship, able-bodied, is a US citizen, and Christian, how much harder it must be for people who are less-advantaged and please stand with them". The more we speak out, the harder it becomes for people to ignore, deny, or trivialize our lived experiences of being discriminated against like this day-to-day.

Dyne Suh was turned down by a Trump-supporting, racist AirBnB host.

Regulators with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing said the $5,000 fine, which Barker must pay to Suh for the damages inflicted, was in line with other judgments in housing discrimination cases.

The fine and demand to attend a course, as well as community service with a civil rights organisation, marked the first time the landmark agreement has been used to punish an AirBnB host.

Airbnb allowed the DFEH to regulate it for racial bias following a 10-month investigation based on a growing number of reports suggesting hosts regularly refuse to rent to guests due to their race, a problem exposed in 2016 under the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack.

The DFEH director, Kevin Kish, was a little kinder on Barker, highlighting her "willingness to embrace corrective measures that are forward-looking and restorative".

Racism is very much alive.

"We want there to be strong anti-discrimination protections and preventions of harm, but we recognize that the world isn't divided into good guys and bad guys".

Tami Barker, the Airbnb host who was subsequently banned from the platform for life, reportedly added in the text exchange with Suh, "that's why we have [President Donald] Trump" to justify her decision, reports the Times. "But we're willing to be creative". "If you're Asian, you're less than human and people can treat you like trash".

Mashable reached out to Airbnb for additional comment.

In a followup Facebook post after the incident, Suh asked readers to consider the discrimination that others with even more marginalized identities face ― noting bigotry towards these groups often results in far more serious consequences than what she experienced.