Lewis Hamilton stays away from F1 capital fun

Lewis Hamilton stays away from F1 capital fun

Mention of the country's most successful racing driver, a man with 56 wins to his name and huge support who will be favourite for a fourth successive British Grand Prix victory on Sunday, drew some boos.

Twenty points is the gap now between Seb and Lewis in the World Championship race, and I'm sure Lewis will be massively motivated to get a win on home soil here, in front of the fans at Silverstone.

Is that why Hamilton stayed away?

"I have been trying to prepare the best way I can in the last few days".

"Even Singapore finds that hard and with the economy of the United Kingdom I just don't think that fits", added Stewart, a two-times British Grand Prix victor at the circuit.

Silverstone has been regarded as the "Home of British Motor Racing" since hosting its first Grand Prix in 1948. He's generally had a better season I would say so far.

"I've recently visited children in hospital who can't come to a grand prix". Maybe not enough. But hopefully when I'm on the podium and I carry the flag, hopefully people will start to see my patriotism. "It looked like it from inside the auto, but it's not for me to judge at the end of the day. That was not the problem".

His non-attendance at the promotional event in the capital was the most topical subject as he and championship leader Sebastian Vettel reconvened at the Silverstone circuit for the 10th round of this year's title race. I think I do try to connect with the fans. Two years ago, he explained why he felt he always had time for fans. That's not reported on but it's important to me. Whether it is the tallest flag pole to make sure your prized flag the highest or winning the race to get a banner on prime real estate, the competition doesn't exclusively take place on the track during the weekend. We have decisions to make and you have to stand by them and feel proud and I do. I've tried to switch off mostly.

But that is only the personal level of the background to what this year has developed into a fascinating duel between two great teams - the well-heeled, well-paid and stylish Italians from Ferrari, and the more pragmatic and modern Mercedes, champions of the last three years.

The row has blown up in the days leading up to this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone which will see home favourite Lewis Hamilton endeavour to hit back in the race for the title which sees German Sebastian Vettel leading by 20 points.

Liberty Media, too, have taken a note of the incident and they are miffed as to why Hamilton decided not to attend it.

"I don't understand what they are doing", one insider said. All the other Grand Prixs have increased their audiences, and my feeling is that they don't understand the art of promotion. I don't think Ferrari is quite there yet. They are now ironing out monopoly issues after Jonathan Palmer's recent agreement to take over the running of the track.

Boss Chase Carey said organizers would continue to negotiate to keep the race at Silverstone, but Liberty has not specifically addressed the BRDC's claims. Mercedes looked the faster of these at this stage, but of course we don't know what fuel loads the teams were using.

"The founders of London GP have been developing plans to host a Formula 1 race on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for over 12 months", a statement from the organisation read.

As ever, Sky Sports F1 will have live coverage of the entire weekend, with Channel 4 also broadcasting live for freeview viewers.

"There are some hurdles we'll have to overcome".