Toy Story 4 unpacks new director, teases plot

Toy Story 4 unpacks new director, teases plot

Last we heard, the film was being billed as the animation studio's first "romantic comedy", focused on the romance betwen Woody and Bo-Peep rather than serving as a direct sequel to the original trilogy.

They companies made the announcements at the D23 Expo on Friday (July 14) in Anaheim, Calif. The family still doesn't think about the infant's staggering forces (play on words expected) toward the begin of the film, however judging by the scene appeared at the expo, they'll discover soon. A work-in-progress clip showed Jack-Jack sneaking out of the house while Bob's sleeping to take on a trash-stealing raccoon with his new abilities.

Lasseter emphasized the research into real-life aviation that went into the film, and then showed a demo reel that he called a "Speed Test" - featuring two jets racing through a desert landscape, and then leaving the stratosphere and journeying into space. The entire voice cast has returned for Incredibles 2, with the exception of Dash, who is now voiced by young newcomer Huck Milner.

This year, it's one of Disney-Pixar's most anticipated animated films, set to hit screens in November.

A mockumentary clip was also shown regarding fan favorite, stylist Edna Mode. While it's known that The Incredibles 2 will pick up where the first film left off - with the appearance of the super villain The Underminer - this Elastigirl news is really the only other insight we have into the film's plot.

Those aren't the only powers little Jack Jack has. He set it up, saying: "On the original film, Teddy Newton had one of these ideas and it's always been on my 'want to do list.' This idea is that bob has fallen asleep watching the television with Jack-Jack, and Jack-Jack hears something outside".

Finally, Lasseter revealed that Josh Cooley (Riley's First Date? short) would be the sole director of the upcoming Toy Story 4, which Lasseter was previously slated to co-direct. Toy Story 4 opens June 21, 2019.

"Yesss is a new character who owns the website Buzzaholic", said Henson in a statement released after the presentation.