Over 50 employees voluntarily microchipped at Wisconsin company's 'chip party'

Over 50 employees voluntarily microchipped at Wisconsin company's 'chip party'

The company says more than 40 of their 85 employees were voluntarily micro-chipped at their "chip party" Tuesday.

They have volunteered to have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted into their hands - in the skin between the forefinger and thumb.

So far, 41 out of 85 employees chose to get the chip. "I'm so excited of what the possibilities are with this company and where we're going to take this" Melissa Timmins said.

"I planned for the worst and it wasn't bad at all", said Ms Timmins, who received a microchip in her left hand.

"The worldwide market place is wide-open and we believe that the future trajectory of total market share is going to be driven by who captures this arena first, " 32M COO Patrick McMullan said, Scripps Media Inc reported.

Professor Jeremy Hajek of the Illinois Institute of Technology said microchipping started years ago with veterinarians, who implanted the device in dogs and cats that might get lost.

Three Square Market caused a media frenzy when it first announced its employee chipping programme last month.

The program is completely voluntary, and the company expects about 50 employees to participate.

Afterward Westby demonstrated uses for the new chip, grabbing a candy bar at a mini-market kiosk at the company, scanning it - and his hand - paying $1.06 without ever having to grab his wallet, KSTB reported.

Mr Westby said the data is both encrypted and secure and for those wondering, "there's no Global Positioning System tracking at all".