Special prosecutor Robert Mueller asks White House for documents on Flynn

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller asks White House for documents on Flynn

President Trump announced his intent to withdraw from the global emissions reduction deal in June, but no official notice was delivered to the United Nations until this week.

Mr. Flynn is at the centre of suspicions about a possible involvement of Russian. "The United States supports a balanced approach to climate policy that lowers emissions while promoting economic growth and ensuring energy security", says the statement, which also indicates the US will continue to participate in major climate negotiations "to protect USA interests and ensure all future policy options remain open to the administration". The letter said Flynn did not receive the attention afforded to others because he was no longer a White House employee at the time.

Mueller, who took over the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation when Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III recused himself, is apparently trying to determine if Flynn received secret payments from the Turkish government in the closing months of the 2016 election.

Flynn's former lobbying firm, the Flynn Intel Group, was paid $530,000 to represent a Turkish businessman Ekim Alptekin but the contract ended in mid-Novermber 2016 because that time Flynn was announced as President Donald Trump's first national security adviser.

Democratic lawmakers and Trump critics have seized on Cambridge Analytica's role as they've pushed congressional investigators to scrutinize the Trump campaign's data operation as part of probes into Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Flynn resigned after less than one month in office for failing to fully disclose the details of his December communications with the Russian ambassador in Washington to White House officials.

It's unclear why Flynn forgot to include the information. NJK funds a technology firm called GreenZone Systems to which Flynn serves as vice chairman. Kian told military investigators that Flynn had several foreign business contacts, but Flynn did not provide any of those contacts to investigators, Cummings said.