LG reportedly working on V30 Plus smartphone

LG reportedly working on V30 Plus smartphone

However, LG is doing things differently with the LG V30 Plus. The gadget freaks around the world are anticipating for the unique LG V30 camera phone to soon hit the market and they can test the handset themselves.

In addition to the bigger capacity, the report claims that the LG V30 Plus will be different from the LG V30 in certain functions, such as the audio system and wireless charging. The V30 display can also feature an inset camera similar to the one seen on the essential phone. Informants even opened the preliminary cost LG V30: in the normal version with 64 GB ROM he valued at $700, and the Plus model with the larger screen and 128 GB ROM is now $875. If rumours are to be believed, the LG V30 might be around 700 Dollars while the LG V30 Plus might be around 850 USD.

New rumors about the smartphone LG V30, whose announcement will take place at the end of this month, confirm the assumption that a replacement flagship G6 at the end of this winter.

The V30 Plus is expected to have 128GB of storage on deck, whereas the regular V30 will have "merely" 64GB of the stuff inside. LG V30 camera phone will run on Snapdragon 835 and will be powered by 3200mAh battery.

LG did the same with the LG G6, with the LG G6 Plus offering more storage and some improvements such as better audio quality, additional colors, and B&O headphones included in the box. Two years ago, the LG V10 was one of the most impressive cameraphones on the market, last year the V20 delivered the best sound among smartphones, and this year the V30 will presumably attempt to elevate both categories even further.

As for the availability of the devices, apparently, LG is going to release both the V30 and the V30 Plus in South Korea on September 15 - which is coincidentally the same day Samsung releases its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

The LG V30 was previously leaked in promo videos that were uploaded in HitRecord, the collaborative website that was created by prominent LG partner Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The camera in the LG V30 is superior to the camera of its predecessor.