Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

News accidentally aired a clip of "True Blood" that showed actress Anna Paquin's bare breasts during its News at 10 segment earlier this week, video shows.

In the viral video, Raworth was seen introducing the news of England's cricket series win over South Africa as a woman on the screen drops her pants to reveal tight pink knickers.

True Blood: available to watch on HBO GO, and the BBC News.

Some outlets reported that the BBC had "broadcast porn" but it was just an old episode of the HBO vampire series.

Her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer also saw the amusing side and replied on her post by writing, "This is awesome and making me very happy".

While BBC declared it would investigate the blatant not safe for work error, Paquin found the humor in it, despite her topless chest being blasted across English TV screens - and ultimately, the internet.

Furthermore, she also made fun of the news channel's statement that they are going to look into the matter, wondering what that could possibly mean.

A fan recommended Anna coin the phrase "photoboobed" which the actress then turned into a hashtag.

The scene in question was taken from True Blood, in which Anna plays Sookie Steakhouse, and could be seen playing in the background as presenter Sophie Raworth began talking about England's recent success against South Africa in the cricket.