Drunk American punched for giving Nazi salute in Dresden

Drunk American punched for giving Nazi salute in Dresden

An American tourist in Germany has been punched after drunkenly giving a nazi salute multiple times on the streets of Dresden, Germany.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning, apparently after a night of drinking.

Police in the eastern German city of Dresden said the 41-year-old American man was drunk when he made the offensive gesture.

The tourist also had the insignia of "unconstitutional organizations, which includes Nazi symbols". The tourist, who suffered minor injuries, is under investigation for violating Germany's strict laws against displaying or promoting Nazi symbols.

The men, matured 36 and 49, were spotted by police close to the German parliament, taking photographs playing out the raised arm signal. The name of the tourist was withheld for privacy reasons. He is wanted for questioning by Dresden police. They were released after each posted bail of 500 euros, or almost $600.

The American citizen - whose identity is now being withheld - is being investigated for violating German law that strictly forbids the use of Nazi symbols.

"PSA to tourists: Don't do a Nazi salute in Germany", the Metro's Jen Mills wrote.