'Fastest Man Alive' Usain Bolt Ends Final Race With Injury

'Fastest Man Alive' Usain Bolt Ends Final Race With Injury

The eight-time Olympic champion strained a muscle in his left leg which threw him off balance.

That wasn't the only surprise. The fans, however, are looking forward to seeing their superstar in action one last time as he takes to the track. His body can no longer hold up.

Justin Gatlin remains convinced Usain Bolt will return to athletics after injury dramatically ruined the Jamaican's farewell in the 4x100 meter relay final in London on Saturday. Previously, he didn't win because of a false start, a disqualification after the fact due to a teammate's failed doping test, and last Saturday, because of an uncharacteristic performance - Bolt came in third in the 100-meter final.

As Bolt fell to the ground, the leg with the golden shoe giving way, the crowd still went wild because the home team went on to win gold in 37.47 seconds, .05 seconds ahead of the United States.

"It was ridiculous. We were there waiting, and we were really trying to stay warm, but it was really ridiculous, we waited a really long time", McLeod said, via Jamaica-Gleaner. He's a performer and I think we can all appreciate it.

While sporting greats often endure disappointing endings like this it's normally just a cruel twist of fate.

"Knowing how Usain performs, he's always ready, he's always making sure he's not injured and it's very rare to see Usain injured when he comes to performances".

It was yet another wonderful upset in a championship of so many.

Bolt's massively gutting end to his career came days after he finished third in his final 100m race.

"The 10k did take a lot out of me and I'm a little beaten up, but I'm OK", Farah said. As a true friend, I didn't like it one bit.

Bolt was his long-time rival and he lost five successive Olympic and World Championship races to him.

Great Britain clocked the second best time of 37.76, while France were fourth with their seasons best of 38.03. I drank like two bottles of water. "We are on top of the world".

The event would be the finals of men's 4x100m relay and all eyes will be on sprint king, Usain "lightening" Bolt.