Pentagon Ready to 'Fight Tonight' as Tensions Between US, North Korea Escalate

Pentagon Ready to 'Fight Tonight' as Tensions Between US, North Korea Escalate

North Korea carried out two tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles last month.

The Labour leader has called on President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to "wind down the war of rhetoric".

"The congressmen said such statements had dramatically increased tensions with North Korea and raised the specter of nuclear war".

The Labour leader's intervention comes after China's president warned the USA and North Korea not to exacerbate tensions after Mr Trump said Kim would "truly regret" military action.

They further warned that Trump would be held responsible by Congress and the American people if a "careless and ill-advised miscalculation results in conflict that endangers our service members and regional allies". I don't think we are there yet.

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"And what none of us know is whether President Trump will ultimately accept a position in history which says, "I'm the guy and it was on my watch that this state finally crossed the threshold of constituting a threat to the U.S. mainland".

According to The Washington Post, Mattis told a pool of reporters Wednesday that "of course there's a military option" in place to address North Korea, but "we want to use diplomacy".

In recent days، Trump and the North Korean regime have engaged in heated rhetoric about the Asian nation's nuclear weapons program.

"They discussed the need to confront the increasingly unsafe situation associated with North Korea's destabilizing and escalatory behavior،" the White House said in a statement.

China, because of this view, will only do a few things to try and talk North Korea into coming around to a more reasonable posture.