Scaramucci: Trump Should Have Been 'Much Harsher' On White Supremacy

Scaramucci: Trump Should Have Been 'Much Harsher' On White Supremacy

On Saturday, Trump condemned hate 'on many sides, ' which many, including a number of Republicans, interpreted as Trump equating the white supremacists with the counter-protesters, of which one was killed. "I think there are elements inside of Washington, also inclusive in the White House, that are not necessarily abetting the president's interests or his agenda", Scaramucci said in the air of ABC News.

"You're not going change the president", Scaramucci said. "I think he needed to be much harsher as it related to white supremacists and the nature of that". Scaramucci said. "I applaud General McMaster for calling it out for what it is - it's actually terrorism".

If you were White House communications director yesterday, would you have advised he give that statement? The president is going to do what he wants to do, how he wants to do it.

He said that some of the turbulence of Trump's first six months is because "the president is not a representative of political establishment class, and for whatever reason people want to eject him".

"I call him 'chief, '" Trump told reporters Friday at his Bedford, N.J., golf club.

Earlier in the day portal reported, citing sources close to the president, that US President Donald Trump allegedly suspected that his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was the one behind the leaks about the latter's White House colleagues. "Maybe Ivanka would do that ... maybe Jared [Kushner] would do that", he said.

Scaramucci said during the interview that he accepts that what he did was wrong, but emphasized that people need to move on and focus on the president's agenda.

Expect McMaster et also be pressed on the "military option" for Venezuela, which the president laid on the table on Friday because, I guess, sounding "tough" is its own reward. "Let's leave it up to the president". And so we're on live television, and so I would prefer to let the president make the decisions that the president needs to make.