Tropical Storm Gert expected to form

Tropical Storm Gert expected to form

A tropical depression in the western Atlantic is expected to become a tropical storm later today.

At 11 p.m. Saturday, the National Hurricane Center declared that an area of low pressure north and east of the Bahamas has formed a close, low level center-making it a tropical depression.

The disturbance is forecast to move northwestward through the weekend and to turn northeastward - away from the US coast - early next week.

The depression would earn the name Gert when winds increase to 39 miles per hour.

A cold front along the East Coast should keep the depression away from the eastern seaboard. If so, it will be named "Gert".

According to the NHC, it is expected to reach tropical storm strength later Sunday.

A turn toward the north is forecast to occur Sunday night, followed by a turn to the north-northeast on Monday. It only has a 20 percent chance of tropical development within the next five days, but there are favorable conditions that could help it strengthen in the next few days. It is not expected to develop into a hurricane, as conditions will not be conducive for such development, AccuWeather reports.