Trump aide says Tillerson's role is diplomatic, not military

Trump aide says Tillerson's role is diplomatic, not military

Pyongyang has been louder in its complaints against a new and tough round of sanctions imposed by the United Nations, with strong U.S. backing, and Washington's use of Guam as a staging ground for its stealth bombers, which could be used to attack North Korea and are a particularly sore point with the ruling regime in Pyongyang.

The top U.S. diplomat found himself in a familiar role Wednesday, explaining to the world what his boss actually meant when he threatened to bring down the "fire and fury" of the United States upon North Korea.

"To allay these concerns, the Trump administration should publicly declare its agreement with the constitutional requirement that any preemptive attack on North Korea must be debated and authorized by Congress", they wrote.

Tillerson offered a different take. And despite Trump's public bluster, the USA has reportedly been carrying on quiet, back-channel negotiations with North Korea through that country's United Nations representatives.

The stakes with North Korea - nuclear-armed, led by a ruthless, untested and all-powerful young leader intent on the ability to strike the United States - make the mixed messages the USA is sending uniquely risky, analysts and former officials say.

The letter claimed that a United States military strike threatens to unleash retaliation that could place 30,000 American service members and 100,000 American residents of South Korea in jeopardy and result in the death of one third of the nation's population of 51 million.

Adversaries need to clearly understand warnings and boundaries, while allies need to feel reassured, "because otherwise deterrence could fail, and that leads to instability", Denmark said.

"Put yourself in President Trump's shoes", he said.

"Yeah, I had to think my way through it".

Speaking at an event in California on Thursday, Mattis said his mission and responsibility was to have military options ready "should they be needed" but stressed the U.S. effort is now focused on diplomacy. Exxon Mobil moving toward the conclusion of an agreement to drill in the Russian Arctic, Tillerson said. But they make a confusing and risky situation even more confusing and unsafe.

That's not what's happening in the Trump administration. "It should be a last resort, and we are far from exhausting all available diplomatic options", Maloney said Friday.

Tillerson says North Korea still has a way out in the form of negotiations, under the right conditions. Haley said that as the USA declined to seek UN Security Council action after Pyongyang's second ICBM test that month. Moon is likely to highlight his policy on North Korea on the holiday, the only one the two Koreas share.

In a win for him and Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, the Security Council voted Saturday to add sanctions against North Korea, targeting its export revenue sources.

"We write to express our profound concern over the statements made by President Trump that dramatically increased tensions with North Korea and raised the specter of nuclear war", the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Tillerson on Thursday.

Nauert added that tough talk is the only way to get through to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

A day after Tillerson spoke to reporters at the State Department about the worldwide "peaceful pressure" campaign he was building to push North Korea into negotiations, the Pentagon conducted a previously scheduled ICBM launch, and in its announcement explicitly referred to Pyongyang's two ICBM tests in July.

For those anxious that President Trump might get into nuclear war with North Korea, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson provided some solace Wednesday.

But now another Trump administration voice is suggesting that we shouldn't pay Tillerson much mind. Mattis paused for a long moment Thursday before discussing the possibility of nuclear confrontation. "China could easily solve this problem!" But he says that, until that happens, the U.S.

Trump has criticized North Atlantic Treaty Organisation while Tillerson and others reaffirmed USA support for the alliance. Mexican officials freaked out.

Early on, Trump announced that he had undertaken "a military operation" to get "really bad dudes out of this country, and at a rate that nobody's ever seen before". That's where we've been, that's where we are right now and that's where we hope to remain.

And he said his "peaceful pressure" campaign is yielding results.

"Should Tillerson be listened to?" a reporter asked.

It says North Korea will complete a plan by mid-August for the "historic enveloping fire at Guam", convey it to the commander in chief of its nuclear force and then "wait for his order".

North Korea, pursuing missile and nuclear weapons programs in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions, accuses Washington of devising a "preventive war" and has said any plans to execute this would be met with an "all-out war, wiping out all the strongholds of enemies, including the US mainland".

And Tillerson offered a thought on the dangers of making public threats.

"I was admonishing the journalists of the fake news industrial complex who are forcing our chief diplomat into a position where they are demanding he makes the military case for action when that is not the mandate of the secretary of state", Gorka said.