Trump does not rule out military action in Venezuela

Trump does not rule out military action in Venezuela

Writing on Twitter, Morales stated that "we condemn the armed interventionist eagerness by the United States against Venezuela, a country which seeks peace in dialogue".

In this context, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence heads to four Latin American countries, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Panama in the next few days.

In its second session earlier this week, the ANC approved an agreement which establishes the guidelines for the coexistence of the five Powers which make up the Venezuelan State, including the Executive, led by President Maduro.

Mr Smolansky, the fifth mayor to face such sanctions this year, was also accused of defying an order to prevent opposition protests from blocking streets.

Venezuelan officials had earlier accused the US of planning an invasion.

But on Saturday the bloc was condemning Washington's saber rattling.

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened #Venezuela with #Military Intervention, escalating U.S. response to the crisis now going on in the country, a move Caracas described as "craziness".

Trump's comments have been downplayed by the State Department and Pentagon, but have drawn the ire of a region that has always been sensitive to Washington meddling and CIA-backed coups.

The ban comes as the US considers imposing economic sanctions against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, who is facing mounting global criticism over a crackdown on opponents and moves to consolidate power. Opposition leaders who have counted on the USA government to apply sustained moral and economic pressure on Maduro have so far been silent about Trump's remarks and marchers seemed confounded by his military threat.

Suarez said the new escalation of Trump's remarks is a "direct aggression" to the peace and independence of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Not even the frustration over Trump's decision to partially roll back Obama's opening to Cuba - a diplomatic thaw that was applauded across the region's political spectrum - or his constant talk of building a border wall to keep out immigrants got in the way of presenting a united front toward Maduro. And the regime's use of excessive force and mass detentions had repulsed all but its staunchest allies in the region.

"The reckless threats of President Donald Trump are created to draw Latin America and the Caribbean into a conflict that will irrevocably violate stability, peace and security in our region", he said.

The all-powerful government-organized assembly rewriting the constitution is slated to meet again Thursday. On Friday, the government announced that it had captured former National Guard Capt. Juan Carlos Caguaripano, who is accused of leading an August 6 raid on a military base.

"It pulls the rug out from Latin American leaders who had braved internal political criticism to stand against the dictatorial trend in Venezuela and the human rights violations of the Maduro regime", said Mark L. Schneider, senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"Only an imbecile would wage war on his neighbor", Fox told Trump in a tweet.