California woman desperately searching for husband gone missing in Barcelona

California woman desperately searching for husband gone missing in Barcelona

Nunes was looking at jewelry and Tucker was using the bathroom when the attack happened, she said. Nunes also said she is aware of a picture that's been circulating which appears to show her husband injured, but being helped by someone. She said she was pushed inside the kiosk where she was shopping and that she hid there while people were running by and screaming.

Dan said that Jared, 43, and Jared's wife, Heidi Nunes, had been in Europe this week for a delayed honeymoon after marrying previous year. A spokesperson for the Jared and Heidi Nunes Tucker family issued a statement: "At present Jared's wife Heidi is not issuing a statement and will issue a formal statement tomorrow". Neither was identified, and Spanish authorities say several casualties have yet to be identified.

Kalnui said that Nunes has since returned to the area to search for any sign of her husband. The two had made it to Barcelona after stopping in Paris and Venice, and were enjoying a day out in the Las Ramblas tourist district when tragedy struck.

"I've just got so much respect for his organizational ability and all he's done". All our customers love him.

When asked how he was feeling, Dan Tucker paused, struggling to answer. "What are the chances?" he wondered.

The State Department did not immediately return PEOPLE's messages for comment.

As reported by the New York Daily News, the U.S. State Department had confirmed that a U.S. citizen had sustained minor injuries in the #Terror Attack, but no name was released.

Early Friday morning in a seaside resort town about 80 miles away, police killed five suspects engaged in an attack that injured six people and that the government for Spain's Catalonia region said was connected to the Barcelona killings. The incident occurred at around 5 p.m. local time Thursday when a van, allegedly driven by a member or supporter of ISIS, drove onto a promenade in central Barcelona and plowed into hundreds of people.