Copy-1 girl charged in 'Slender man' case pleads guilty

Copy-1 girl charged in 'Slender man' case pleads guilty

The court accepted her plea, and now Weier's case will move to a "second phase", during which a jury will determine whether or not she's guilty because of "mental disease or defect". If she's found legally responsible, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

She told the court she participated in the attack, because she feared the internet character Slender Man - a villain featured on a horror website - would otherwise hurt her and her family, according to USA media.

She did, however, encourage Morgan Geyser to do the stabbing and did not try to stop her once she'd started. The girls planned to walk hundreds of miles north to meet Slender Man in a forest.

Weier also told the court how she feared co-defendant Morgan Geyser was going to kill her if she did not flee the scene of the crime.

Prosecutors argued that the girls tricked Leutner into entering the woods with them, where they then stabbed her. Leutner, who survived, was able to crawl out of the woods to a path where she was found by a bicyclist. According to Weier, she didn't want to hurt the victim, and she claimed to have told Geyser that she "couldn't" stab Peyton.

When the judge asked Weier how the victim had been hurt, Weier's response was chilling.

Geyser's attorney, Anthony Cotton, said Monday that he and his client plan to proceed to trial.

Anissa Weier accepted a plea deal Monday in connection to the 2014 stabbing of a classmate.

. His client intends to go to trial, he said.

"We have continued to gather crucial information from the focus groups we've been convening repeatedly [and] are confident in our approach."
He was regarded by his devotees as alternately a sinister force and an avenging angel.

Despite Weier's guilty plea on Monday, the teen will still face trial in the Slender Man stabbing case next month. The film examines how children can become easily drawn into beliefs spread through the Internet.