Pi Claims It Can Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly From A Distance

Pi Claims It Can Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly From A Distance

A Pi device that can charge smartphones wirelessly from about a foot away, even if they are being used, is shown off at a TechCrunch Disrupt startup conference in San Francisco on September 18, 2017 Pi, the world's first wireless charger that does away with the need to lay devices on charging mats, operates on standard charning technology used in Apple or Android smartphones created to be powered up wirelessly.

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Pi's chief of technology Lixin Shi told AFP that magnetic waves are an ideal solution for safely sending energy to portable devices. However, Pi claims that users simply need to put their smartphone within a foot's range of their charger and it would automatically begin charging the phone. Then he added a second phone, a third, and a fourth, and they all started to charge. He says that you can move the device in whatever direction around the Pi, and in different orientations, and it'll still work. The tech applies to iPhones, Galaxy phones and even a large iPad, as long as they have the appropriate magnetic charging case. A combination of smartphones and tablets could wirelessly charge on a desk if a Pi were placed near people working together.MacDonald promised that Pi devices would begin shipping next year and be priced below $200.

If the phone already has wireless charging built-in - like the new iPhones, for example - then a case is not required. It was also revealed that the Pi device could charge up to four devices simultaneously at full speed within the same range.

It is certainly possible for this technology to be integrated into future smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo, but the company will be introducing a stand-alone product for starters.

As for pricing, well, they don't have that just yet. And if you want, you can go to the company's website right now to reserve your own Pi. Despite the absence of specific pricing, it is now expected to hit the market under the $200 mark but the company is offering the first 314 who reserve the product via the company's website a $50 discount code.