YouTube Gaming Adds $4.99 Subscription Options Amid Demonetization Apartheid

YouTube Gaming Adds $4.99 Subscription Options Amid Demonetization Apartheid

Gamers who broadcast on YouTube will have the option of turning on sponsor-only mode in their chat, and taking things one step further, sponsors will also be immune when streamers turn on slow mode.

As expected, you must have a "gaming channel" in order to be able to have access to Sponsorship today.

In addition it continues to offer the paid services YouTube Red and YouTube TV.

"With the sort of content people expect on YouTube, the sponsorship model does make more sense".

YouTube sponsorships will substitute the seldom used paid channels attribute the company launched all the way back in 2013.

YouTube is proliferating sponsorships, a comparatively novel service that permits viewers pay creators, a monthly subscription fee in place for select perks.

While this acts as a new form of income for habitual YouTube streamers, for game developers it serves to cement YouTube's place as a still-growing and influential streaming platform. Paid channels never picked up much traction, so it's nice to see YouTube replacing it with a more exciting, profitable system.

Twitch's Partner Program initially introduced in 2011 opens prerogative for subscribers including special emoticons and access to live chat, and YouTube's Sponsorships program is very similar. You can read the full list of requirements here, but a few that standout include the fact that your channel must be a gaming-focused one, you must have more than 1,000 subscribers, and that your channel must have streaming enabled (obviously).

From the first of November, viewers will no longer be charged for existing subscriptions, and YouTube said it will be sending subscribers of paid content an email notification a month prior to them being switched off. Twitch has offered is own $4.99-per-channel subscription for several years, and thanks to Amazon, the platform's subscriptions have been bolstered by Amazon Prime members, who receive a free subscription to a channel of their choice each month. YouTube keeps innovating their offering from time to time.

"Today, more creators are making a living on YouTube than ever before".