Jim Harbaugh rips conditions in visitor's locker room at Purdue

Jim Harbaugh rips conditions in visitor's locker room at Purdue

Speight would be out if the Wolverines had a game this weekend, Harbaugh said.

"If we were playing a game this week, he wouldn't be able to play", Harbaugh said.

"Mainly for the health and safety of the players", Harbaugh said. "[Speight] was on the ground, and he accelerated".

MI coach Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer may not see eye-to-eye on much, but they agree on one thing - something needs to be done about locker rooms for visiting football teams in the Big Ten. He said Purdue's visitors' locker room had a "ripped" table for injured players that looked "like it was from the 20s", and quarterback Wilton Speight, after he was knocked out of the game with an undisclosed injury, had to be driven away from the stadium just to have an X-ray performed.

Speight after he left the game actually had to be transported to a medical facility outside the stadium because the areas within stadium grounds designated for visiting teams to do so "weren't sufficient to address the issue on site".

UPDATE: Purdue released a response to Harbaugh's complaints.

Now Purdue is firing back at the MI football coach, accusing Harbaugh of making a series of "after-the-fact" comments when, really, team officials had the opportunity to request alternative accommodations. "It looked like it was from the '20s".

Harbaugh said MI will send the tape to the Big Ten office and ask for an explanation on why a penalty wasn't called, especially in light of player safety concerns.

Before we get to the comments from Harbaugh, here's the video of the hit. There have been advancements, and our stadiums need to reflect that. Our stadiums need to reflect that. Again, we put a lot of emphasis on health and safety of the players, but it doesn't even seem sanitary.

Harbaugh believes that some teams nearly deliberately make the welcoming for visiting opponents less accommodating as means of gaining further home advantage. It got so hot in there before the game, he said, players were offered the chance to go sit in the team's air-conditioned bus.

"It was such a tight, cramped environment", Harbaugh said. People are walking by, they're watching you dress. "There's not even a private door around [the bathroom area]".

MI coach Jim Harbaugh, being direct and even-mannered, said the Big Ten must have consistent guidelines for visitor locker rooms and medical facilities.

MI radio reported last Saturday the on-field game-time temperature was 101 degrees. Still, it's a safe bet that the quarterback position will be a topic of conversation over the next two weeks leading up to the showdown under the lights against rival Michigan State (October 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET on ABC). O'Korn threw for 270 yards on 18/26 passing coming off the bench. Harbaugh was asked about the hit after the game on Saturday and said he needed to see a replay.