Steelers player who stood for national anthem now has top-selling NFL jersey

Steelers player who stood for national anthem now has top-selling NFL jersey

She also defended President Donald Trump's remarks criticizing NFL players who kneel for the national anthem.

"We know this is the greatest country in the world, this is the land of the free", James said. Internally, we'd discussed whether it'd be possible to just go and meet as private citizens and have a serious, poignant discussion about some of the issues we're concerned about. "And we would all just love to see a lot more equality and inclusion".

James told reporters at media day that he was surprised Kyrie Irving requested a trade. "I don't respect him". "And we all have to do that".

G-Unit's Tony Yayo is a fool on social media.

Many athletes and organizations came together today in unity to not only follow Colin Kaepernick's lead in bringing attention to police violence, but to address Trump's continuous incendiary comments and decisions such as pardoning former sheriff Joe Arpaio, while calling Kaepernick and other players peacefully protesting "sons of bitches".

He was kinder than most.

The day had started with the scenes at Wembley, where those who did not kneel stood arm-in-arm on the sidelines - including Jags and Fulham owner Shad Khan, who donated one million U.S. dollars to Trump's presidential campaign.

President Trump suggested that Golden State Warriors including star Steph Curry was "un-invited" to the White House after Curry said he was uninterested in attending the traditional championship visit to the Oval office. "That's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for", Trump said, encouraging owners to act. "These are intelligent people who know exactly what's going on, who are basically very negative about his actions, but now it seems that it's condoned".

While he said he "wouldn't be surprised" if National Basketball Association players followed the lead of their NFL counterparts who have taken a knee during the anthem, he seems to have no plans to do so. "There is no better example than the fantastic response from our clubs and players to the bad natural disasters we've experienced over the last month".

"Whatever topic y'all want to hit, let's stay there before me move on to the next". "I'll be on my knee".

"But", he added, "I think my voice and what I do in my community and what I stand for, I don't think I have to show you guys more by getting on a knee or doing something else or trying to create something else".

"Instead, we get Trump's comments over the weekend about National Football League players, calling them "sons of bitches" for kneeling during the anthem".

He said: "The NFL coaches, players, owners and fans and anyone associated with the NFL was unbelievable". Basically, NBA champions were expected to visit said place as part of the league's tradition. "Hopefully, we do something as a league that gives us strength".