Marvel's Punisher Pulled From NYCC Due to Las Vegas Shooting

Marvel's Punisher Pulled From NYCC Due to Las Vegas Shooting

"We are stunned ad saddened by this week's senseless act in Las Vegas", the streaming giant and Netflix told the outlet in a joint statement.

Following on from the tragic Las Vegas shooting this past Saturday, Marvel and Netflix have announced that they have chose to pull the panel for the upcoming series The Punisher from the New York Comic Con schedule. Granted, nobody actually knows when The Punisher was supposed to premiere on Netflix, but the rumor was that it was going to go online on October 7, right after the Comic-Con panel.

According to Deadline, the event was canceled out of respect following the mass-shooting in Las Vegas.

The Punisher series follows the character Frank Castle, played by Jon Bernthal, who is a gun-toting vigilante exacting revenge on the bad guys that are responsible for the death of his wife and two children.

The upcoming series was going to have a panel at the New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 7.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the premiere date will change.

Sneak peeks into the upcoming show should have been teased at the event, but in light of the recent tragedy, which is now dubbed as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, the companies made a decision to retract the guesting as the nation continues to grieve for the loss of the 59 victims. The Punisher's gun toting, ruthless vigilante character was first introduced to the Marvel comics universe over 42 years ago. All the heroes have also united in the mini-series event Marvel's The Defenders. Many wondered if the panel would feature the announcement that the series was available instantly, or at least tease when the 13-episode series would hit Netflix.