McDonald's manager arrested for dealing cocaine with burgers and fries

McDonald's manager arrested for dealing cocaine with burgers and fries

Guerrero allegedly sold almost $10,900 worth of cocaine and crack to an undercover officer over the course of eight occasions at the Bruckner Boulevard location in Pelham.

Twenty-six-year-old Frank Guerrero worked at the 24-hour McDonald's location along Bruckner Boulevard for about eight years, the Daily News said.

On Sept. 22, Guerrero sold 100 grams of cocaine and a quantity of crack to the undercover officer for $6,250 inside the franchise's restroom, prosecutors say.

A McDonald's manager was arrested on Wednesday for reportedly serving meals with a side of cocaine.

Although the eatery only took late-night orders through the drive-through window, Guerrero allowed his drug customers to enter the main restaurant, officials said.

"Which was put in a cookie bag, a McDonald's cookie bag, and then placed inside another McDonald's bag which contained two cheeseburgers, a soda, and fries", she said.

He made the deal under the noses of the other employees at the burger joint, prosecutors said.

'Ordering coke took on an entirely different meaning on the night shift at this McDonald's'.

On some occasions he also sold drugs, including crack, in the vehicle park of the branch in the Bronx, police believe.

The New York Post reported that surveillance footage showed he regularly sold cocaine to fast food customers. The money was found inside a dresser in a child's playroom, and a child of approximately 2-years-old and the child's mother, Leidy Cabral Castillo, were present at the residence. He will also face numerous counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance. He and Cabral Castillo were expected to be arraigned Wednesday in Manhattan Criminal Court on multiple counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawfully dealing with a child. Tony Rodriguez, owner and operator of the McDonald's, issued the following statement: "The actions of this employee are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in my organization".