Sonos Unveils Its First Speaker With Amazon Alexa

Sonos Unveils Its First Speaker With Amazon Alexa

At launch, it will support Amazon's Alexa assistant service, which includes support for using Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and other sound services with your voice.

Dave Limp, SVP, Amazon Devices, said Alexa for India uses the basic language sets used elsewhere but has been retrained for Indian accents, contexts and phrases. The retail giant finally brought its second-gen Echo devices - the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus - to India, more than two years after the original Echo went on sale in the US. After India, the smart speakers will be launched in Japan.

To power content services, such as news, available through the Echo speakers, Amazon has tied il with several content creators in India. That price would make it more expensive than the new series of Amazon speakers including the $149.99 Amazon Echo Plus, though cheaper than the upcoming $349 Apple HomePod, due in December. Essentially, whoever purchases an Amazon Echo speaker will get one year worth Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Prime Music membership for free. The devices can also interact with third-party services by using something called 'Skills.' Amazon has worked with various service providers in India to build relevant skills for the country.

The cylinder-shaped Echo has a 7 microphone array along with buttons on top to control the volume and microphone. Still, sticking a song on should only take the words, 'Alexa play...', so you're unlikely to suffer greatly. It is powered by Alexa digital assistant, which performs activities such as checking weather, setting reminders, sports scores, shopping lists and more.

During their presentation Sonos made an effort to point out their dedication to the users privacy. He added, "Tens of millions of customers are already using Alexa..."

Amazon is bringing its voice assistant Alexa along with three Alexa-enabled devices - Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus to India. With this, owners will be able to ask any Siri-capable device to control the music on the speakers.

India is the fourth market after US, UK and Germany where Amazon has launched the Alexa powered Echo, its smart speaker. It will be context aware, which means users will not need to specify they are looking for queries from an Indian perspective. Most affordable of the three speakers, the Echo Dot has been priced at Rs.4,499.