Turkey presses USA to reverse visa suspensions

Turkey presses USA to reverse visa suspensions

Bass, blamed by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan for prompting the dispute, told reporters the United States did not intend to disrupt a long-standing relationship with Turkey and the two countries would continue to engage on the issue.

Nauert also said the diplomatic crisis with Turkey was discussed in a meeting that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis had with U.S. President Donald Trump. "We do not see him as a U.S. representative in Turkey", Erdogan said. If they didn't infiltrate the American consulate, who put them there? "We've given them any document and information they requested". Turkey has also announced that it has suspended visa procedures for U.S. citizens in retaliation for this decision. "In fact, we are the only one prosecuting, while Gulen remains free over there", said Erdogan. The embassy statement said it needed to reassess "the commitment of the government of Turkey to the security of USA mission and personnel".

The US Embassy in Ankara made the first move by releasing a statement saying that "recent events have forced the US government to reassess the commitment of the Turkish Government to the security of US diplomatic facilities and personnel".

He said the embassy had been unable to learn the reasons for the arrest of a Turkish staff member last week and or what evidence exists against the employee.

"If you have a valid visa, you can still travel to the United States". "This is not a visa ban on Turkish citizens", Bass explained, "It's a suspension of our consideration of new visa applications". "If you want to apply for a visa at another U.S. embassy or consulate outside of Turkey, you are free to do so", Bass said in a statement.

Topuz has been linked to a number of FETO suspects, including police commissioners and former prosecutor Zekeriya Oz, a fugitive accused of attempting to overthrow the government through the use of force, said a source, speaking on condition of anonymity due to restrictions.

Turkey's justice minister urged the U.S. to "revise" its visa suspension decision following the arrest of Topuz, stressing that his nation's government has the right to try its citizens for crimes committed in the country.

The U.S. has said the arrest charge was baseless.