Andromeda and Dead Space 3 Coming To The EA Access Vault

Andromeda and Dead Space 3 Coming To The EA Access Vault

If you were among the many who opted to skip out on Mass Effect: Andromeda following its poor reception among consumers, then you'll soon have a chance to see firsthand what the fuss was all about.

Few games generated as much hype in the run up to their release quite like Mass Effect: Andromeda, but everyone knows the final product fell very short of expectations.

Mass Effect Andromeda is the big addition here, having launched back in March of this year.

Andromeda was roundly condemned and mocked on its release, partly because of its numerous bugs and freaky facial animations. Many of these issues have been fixed to varying degrees, but those amendments came well after weak sales which have reportedly resulted in changes to developer Bioware and the franchise's future. The Battlefront 2 blurb isn't specific about whether the number of trial hours are limited, while Payback says it'll be restricted to 10 hours ahead of launch.

Owners of Xbox One will receive two more treats these coming next months. Specific dates weren't announced but EA said they'll be rolled out between now and December-the end of it, I'm guessing-and that the Battlefront 2 trial will be available before its release on November 17. A second treat is Dead Space 3 and in this way all Dead Space series will become available through EA and Origin Access. To benefit from these options, users need to have a subscription.