Model says Dolphins coach 'used me as his cocaine platter'

Model says Dolphins coach 'used me as his cocaine platter'

She says he sent her the video last week, then the pair broke up.

Njie also added that she has more footage of Foerster, which she plans to expose at some point in time and, while she never saw any other members of the Dolphins team hanging around and doing drugs with Foerster, he "spoke to" her about "other people".

Whether it's Hurricane Irma and starting linebacker Lawrence Timmons going AWOL in September, or former offensive line coach Chris Foerster resigning after a video surfaced of him snorting a white substance, second-year Dolphins coach Adam Gase is gaining valuable experience in crisis management.

According to Nige, she posted the video because she felt threatened by Foerster, who in a text message said he'd contact the Dolphins' security team if she did anything with the video.

Nige said she planned to expose Foerster from early in their relationship. She also outed the fact that Foester regularly kept coke in his desk drawer at work. So now we've got Coach Googs, he's coming back.

In the video, a man who a Facebook user says is offensive line coach Chris Foerster, is seen using a $20 bill to snort three lines of the powdery substance off the table.

Claiming to be two months along and facing a high-risk pregnancy - "The stress is coming, everyone hit my inbox" - Nige is convinced Foerster will land on his feet while others remain unemployed.

"Love is a very strong word". He's a caring guy. Chris Foerster used me as his cocaine platter, I was dating him. "I want him to go to rehab". He is a good person. Unfortunately, he was the example used. "So I just never count him out. It's something I have against the system".

Kijuana Nige, a model who says Foerster used her as "his cocaine platter" during their "month-and-a-half, nearly two months" in a relationship together, says her motive for posting the video of Foerster snorting what appears to be cocaine was to prove a larger point.

"After he sent the video, he came off his high and low-key kind of threatened me if I ended up exposing the information", Nige said. "After I realized his habits and who he was and everything going on the system, he was going to get exposed". "Just in case I just somehow pop up dead, this story was still going to get out".

The model said in the interview that her reason for releasing the video was to exemplify the inequality in the world.

Oh, it got out, alright.