Kyrie Irving hails Boston as a 'real, live sports city'

Kyrie Irving hails Boston as a 'real, live sports city'

Irving will get to see Cleveland in person one time this season when the Celtics face off with the Cavaliers to start the season October 17. And the star point guard got his wish in August, getting traded to the Boston Celtics for a package of players and picks.

Irving won the NBA's Rookie of the Year Award with the team in 2012, before becoming a four-time All-Star and one-time NBA Champion over six seasons.

"It's exciting to be back on the East Coast", said Irving, who grew up in New Jersey.

"A lot of different cultures, food and people".

"It's a really major city".

While Boston has traditionally been regarded as a true sports town, the Cavaliers and Cleveland Indians have kept that city on the map in recent years. An ongoing, thriving city.

After landing in Boston - his third team in his first five seasons in the league - many thought Boston GM Danny Ainge would build around the 5'9 dynamo, especially after his playoff performances while he was suffering both physically and mentally from a host of issues. "You would go to Cleveland, and it would be at nighttime, and things would be going on, but you just see a vast difference".

"Boston, I'm driving in and (thinking), 'I'm really playing in a real, live sports city?'" Irving told reporters on Wednesday.

That said, this isn't the first time an NBAer has disparaged the Cleve.

Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving will be playing the first game of his career with a franchise other than the Cleveland Cavaliers on October 17.