Mobile cuts LTE roaming in Canada and Mexico to 5GB

Mobile cuts LTE roaming in Canada and Mexico to 5GB

T-Mobile - that had been offering unlimited cellular data in Canada and Mexico - has now put a cap on the maximum data that you can use when you are visiting these countries, even if you are on an unlimited plan.

T-Mobile has announced its latest Uncarrier initiative which is called "Mobile without Borders", the company is doing away with extra call charges across North America. Instead, subscribers will get just 5GB of guaranteed full-speed LTE data before their data speeds are throttled.

- John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile in 2015.

The reason for this downgrade in data availability, according to Engadget, is that T-Mobile needs to pay heavy roaming costs in these countries. This plan was offered only for USA citizens with a One or One Plus Mobile.

After unveiling a new "Mobile Without Borders" deal in 2015 to all ONE and ONE Plus customers, you've been able to enjoy that oh so sweet LTE data overseas in Mexico and Canada.

This change is to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product". Check out the chart above to see how this will affect different plans. For T-Mobile One customers, the One Plus worldwide option can be added for an extra $25 per month, and that'll get you unlimited high-speed data when venturing across the border.

For those people always traveling to Mexico and Canada and are on T-Mobile, sorry to say but the Un-Carrier is cutting your LTE roaming. For those with old capped plans of 5GB or less, there's no change to the limit. After using the 50GB of LTE data you'll likely be slowed down to a crawl, especially during the more congested hours.

Note that you can get unlimited LTE in Mexico and Canada by adding One Plus International to your account, but at $25 a month, that option isn't exactly cheap.

If you have any more queries on the change and how it will reflect on your mobile usage, you can check the dedicated T-Mobile FAQ page to get all the answers.